Off to a Flying Start

Here at HoverIt we’re passionate about two things – gadgets and things that fly. Sending an airplane in to the air souring way above the ground is remarkable, taking that experience and applying it to all things that fly and hover, that was our challenge.

The initial problem is that this covers such a wide berth. Trying to create one site that features everything that flies could have got out of control very quickly and easily. How would we manage it, how would we keep the content up to a standard you would want to read, how would we deal with all the comments on every topic in every niche of everything that flew. Kites, airplanes, UFOs, rockets, birds – the list could go on, and then we started to panic! Back to the drawing board.

As a youngster I was gadget mad. If it was electronic, beeped, flashed lights, played games or moved on its own accord I was interested. No good giving me toys that just sat there looking a bit sadĀ  – imagine figures and action craft that came alive on the TV adverts but after tearing the wrapping paper off I sat patiently waiting for them to start coming alive. I was in for a long wait of course. After about 5 minutes of the toys moving about as much as I did, I gave up and went to play with a bag of potatoes.

I also remember my first modelĀ airborne plane. It took off from the basepoint in which after 15 minutes setting up (and 2 hours waiting for it to come back to the shops) I was ready. Took my position and pulled the level which flung the airplane in to the air to watch it glide safely back to the ground with ease and finesse. Unfortunately my experience wasn’t quite as polished as that, and it ended up taking down a light fitting before crash landing on the ground snapping a wing. Luckily later experiences didn’t go as disastrously.

So basically this site is all about the latest gadgets that hover, fly or become airborne. If you are as passionate about these as we are, then we hope you stick around and become active members and participants in the site.

Happy reading!

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